Boxing Lesson - 1972

30 x 40 inches (diptych)

Photographs and ink on Museum Board

Private collection

Review(s) on Boxing Lesson, 1972

This kind of graphically Proustian quality separates Welch from most other Conceptualists, for where their concern has been mostly with art, his is also about life. That these concerns tend, by the evidence of the show, to be about basically the same thing is probably more than a coincidence; Welch’s art is not just about nothing, it is also about everything, and is above all expressive of an always questioning, but never questionable, sentimentality.
Gerrit Henry, Art News, May 1972

Roger Welch sets up a situation of investigation which involves the past as it is remembered in the present and fixed for the future in his written, filmed, and taped record. His role is gentle, catalytic, much like Richard Long's barely inflective walk. It depends on the participatory cooperation of the "subject" who reminisces; and this context in turn triggers the viewer's role.
Mary Delahoyd, Word Image Number, catalogue, Sarah Lawrence Gallery, Sept. 1975