History of Design - 2000

216 x 576 inches

Archival color inkjet photographs mounted on corrugated acid free board, wood, masonite, wall paper, mixed media.

Installation at the Neuberger Museum, Purchase, New York 2000-2001.

Review(s) on History of Design, 2000

Welch pulls together strands of sociocultural as well as esthetic experience in this work.... Perhaps surpassing Drive-In in scale and impact is The History of Design (2000). This 10-by-32 foot photographic installation with a wood superstructure is based on both the western pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia and a turn-of-the-century advertisement from the newspaper of the town from which Welch's family hails.
Gerrit Henry, Art in America, December 2001

With the History of Design of 2000, wood remains the construction material, but in a classical, architectural form. Six columns hold up a pediment with photographs of young men and women arrayed like the ancient Greek figures in the Temple of Zeus at Olympus. The young people are themselves constructing and finishing a wall (in the modern fashion, with studs and wallboard), so there is a strangely redundant quality about the architecture’s containment of the imagery and visa-versa, about the circularity of history. At the center of the columns is a newspaper ad for the building supplies business of Welch’s family in Westfield, which goes back several decades.
Donald Goddard, New York Art World, Online Review, 2001